Costa Rica International Choral Festival For Peace, June 19th to 24th 2019

Brings together multicultural choirs to a fellowship filled of enthusiastic respect for peace as a tool for global understanding. Music as the universal language promotes peace to the human spirit. It is music that can harmoniously intertwine feelings of humans, who come from different backgrounds, cultures, realities and even opposing thoughts. United by the irrepressible desire to move towards a better world, we want to fill Costarican auditoriums with this creative expression of mankind strong enough to break down boundaries and differences. Welcome to the Third International Choral Festival Costa Rica for peace 2019.


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Choral Fest

Costa Rica International Choral Fest For Peace, Templo Votivo Costa Rica Final Venue

Costa Rica

Costa Rica International Choral Festival For Peace,  Sarcero Church Costa Rica
World reknown conductors will enrich the participation of singers and conductors.
Apply – as a conductor, as an individual singer or as a choir!

Come to Costa Rica and take part in the singing movement that promotes peace through choral music.
Join with your choir in this amazing experience!

Special guest conductors 2019

Workshop for 2019 will be in charge of Tim Sharp of USA
and Maestra Digna Guerra from Cuba. #ChoralFestCostaRica

We are an association that focus on the potential of music as an educational means of accomplishing peace, working on abilities for promoting communication, creating social bonding, and creating cooperation; we utilize music to transform social realities and help distance the young from violence.

We use music to promote interpersonal interaction on numerous levels (musical, human, cultural, etc.), particularly in instances where conflicts have actually produced a loss of communication or, what is even worse, a rejection to communicate. Music tries to break down these barriers as well as making itself an element of settlement in between cultures that appear to have difference of opinions.

We want to say that undoubtedly music alone will not bring us a world at peace, but thinking about the present globe overview, which problems are coming to be increasingly more violent and also numerous these days, it is essential that we explore as well as apply the possibilities and also the power of music for relaxed and also effective problem change, both supporting and promoting it, due to the fact that it is progressively becoming an indispensable reference point for transforming and changing the world in which we live, and in which we desire to live.

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