Maestra Digna Guerra - Cuba

Digna Guerra from Cuba
Musician of wide international experience. Throughout her artistic career, she has widely contributed to the Cuban and Latin American choral music. It is for us great honor to have her in our third International Choral Festival Costa Rica for peace 2019.

Maestra Digna Guerra Cuba:

Choir and Orchestra conductor, pianist and singer, Digna Guerra is one of the most emblematic figures of the Cuban, and therefore Latin American, music scene. Since she was four, she starts with great skill to show her artistic vocation. Her first studies at the Coral School of Havana. Graduated from the very first course of Art Instructors with headquarters in the Hotel Habana Libre where she also begins a great work forging musicians and musical groups and all sorts of choirs.

She studied at the Hochschule für Musik "Hanns Eisler" in Berlin, Germany; graduating with honors in choral direction with Professor Horst Muller, piano with Eberhard Rebling and singing with Willie Feldman. She also continues in the specialty of Orchestral Direction.

Throughout her career she has created and advised numerous musical groups. She has been director of the Chair of Choral Direction of the National School of Art, Director of the Choir of the ENA, Director of the National Opera of Cuba, Director of the National Choir of Cuba, integrates the Scientific Methodological Council for the creation of the Higher Institute of Art. Actively participates in the development of curricula and programs of the choral conducting specialty. Under her tutelage many generations of students have graduated and has tutored numerous Degree Theses.

Since 1975, she has been the Director of the National Choir of Cuba, where she has displayed an important cultural work and dissemination of the most outstanding works of the universal repertoire; especially the Cuban choral work ranging from the polyphony of the fifteenth century to the most complex contemporary works that include highly advanced technical procedures of composition. In 1981, she founded the Chamber Choir Entrevoces, a group with which she has won numerous International Awards, highlighting the sound quality and the very refined degree of interpretation of works from the universal repertoire.

She held the position of Technical Deputy Director of the Cuban Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Leo Brouwer during the celebration in Havana of the 4th International Fair of the Cuban album "Cubadisco 2000". He has also recorded numerous soundtracks for cinema. Digna has lead master classes, workshops, courses of Choral Direction and has been jury in various festivals throughout almost all nations of the American continent as well as in Poland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Spain and the former Yugoslavia.

She is vice-president of the Choral Federation of the Caribbean and member of the National Council of the UNEAC, of the World Federation of Choirs, of the Cuban Committee of the International Council of Music of UNESCO and of the Cuban Movement for Peace.

The many, many prizes and recognitions she has received, are a small token of gratitude that scarcely show the immeasurable contribution that Digna Guerra has given to humanity.

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