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What is Sing and travel?

 Sing and travel is a unique experience offered by Choral Fest Costa Rica, combining the joy of traveling with the magic of singing. It is a harmonious adventure that brings together music enthusiasts to explore the world, create tunes and create lifelong memories.

Your musical journey awaits you

Imagine embarking on a journey where every moment is infused with music. From picturesque landscapes to cozy gatherings,Sing and travel is the place where your passion for singing and your passion for travel meet. Join us for an unforgettable experience.

Create melodies in beautiful places

At Sing and travel we believe in the power of music to connect people and places. We organize musical excursions to impressive places, where you can sing in harmony with nature and your travel companions.

 Why choose Sing And Travel?

  • Explore new destinations with like-minded music enthusiasts.
  • Participate in group singing sessions and musical workshops.
  • Enjoy the thrill of adventure along with your passion for music.
  • Create lasting memories through songs and travel.

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Are you ready to embark on a musical journey like no other? Contact us today to reserve your place at Sing and travel and experience the magic of music and travel.

Sing and travel is a unique experience that fuses the pleasure of traveling with the charm of music. It is a journey in which you will explore new horizons, sing in beautiful places and create harmonious memories that will last a lifetime.

Our musical excursions will take you to breathtaking destinations, from serene mountain retreats to picturesque beachside getaways. Imagine waking up to the sound of birdsong and joining your fellow travelers in a morning sing-along beside a crystal-clear lake. Imagine yourself around a campfire, sharing songs and stories under a starry sky. That is the essence of ‘Viaje y Cante’.

We believe that music has the power to connect people and places, and Sing and travel is a testament to that belief. Whether you’re an experienced singer or just someone who loves to hum, you’ll find a welcoming community of music enthusiasts who share your passion.

Join us for group singing sessions, music workshops and spontaneous jam sessions. Explore the world with fellow travelers who appreciate the beauty of both song and nature.Sing and Travel is not just a trip; It is an adventure of the heart and soul.

Ready to immerse yourself in the magic of Sing and travel? Contact us today to reserve your spot on our next musical excursion. Create melodies, create memories and explore the world together.


This new option to participate in Costa Rica outside of the festival is a great joy for us. Some choirs do not have the opportunity to sing with us because the dates we have planned for the festival do not suit them. That is why we propose the possibility of coming to the country individually to sing for peace, we will have 2 dates per month enabled. We will be attentive to your requests.

One choir per date, two dates per month. We will welcome the participation of individual choirs always with an eye toward our main purpose, which is the promotion of peace.

We will be receiving requests from choirs with more than 18 members.

If you want to participate with your children’s choir, all of them must come vaccinated. The rule of the first to send complete information will be applied, the date will be maintained.


Travel and singing for individual choral groups, apply

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Sing & Travel Individual Choral Groups, Apply here

Inicial Form Sing and Travel

Year Participation

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In addition the following information must be sent via email
1. A recent recording of the choir
2. Choir’s proposed repertoire.
3. A short biography of the choir and conductor of max. 200words
4. A recent photograph of the choir (tif, jpg formats, 300dpi)
5. A recent photograph of the conductor (tif, jpg fortmats, 300dpi)
Please send via

Testimonial about Choral Fest Costa Rica

Tim Sharp ACDA Director, About Choral Fest

I’m Tim Sharp executive director of the American Director Association.
My time with the International Choral Festival in Costa Rica was fantastic .
This is a well organized and high level event which requires were excellent .
Immersion between cultures was excellent chance to see Costa Rica and taste the food experience the culture .
It was excellent . I can’t wait firstly for my next trip back to Costa Rica .
I think one of the uniqueness is of the Costa Rica International Choral
Festival is the opportunities that requires get to sing for local people for each other even for themselves because they’re able to do their best .
But they’re also able to entertain lots of different types of audiences .
Whether here and I love that this is a festival it’s not a competition .
It’s a chance for everyone to show their best work without having any sense of a competitive about environment .
Everyone is just doing their best work and everyone is appreciating each other . We also learned a ton . I’ve heard songs now from all over central South America from North America . I’ve met people
from throughout the Americas on so it’s really a new cultural immersion in music which is what we want with call music .
So I look forward to coming back to Costa Rica hopefully even on an annual basis because we have such good friends here .
Now we have many directors that were trained in the United States that are here . We have Costa Rican directors that traveled throughout the United States so it’s important for me for particularly being with San Jose being just a short flight away from even the city that I live in .
It’s really important for me to keep Costa Rica in a regular rotation of visits . Choral music is so good here and we have so much to learn here that I want to hold onto it so I’m gonna continue to nurture the great relationships that we’ve established .

Digna Guerra About Choral Fest Costa Rica

Firstly, I congratulate the organizers of this
wonderful festival, it has been really wonderful…. from every point of view …. organizational of musical results. The visit of four international choirs and also an important representation of national choirs
I believe that the goal of this Costa Rica Choral Festival for Peace is very noble for the moment that humanity is bearing now with so many difficulties. I think Costa Rica being the festival from here, is giving that example of peace.
The workshop I did together with Maestro Tim Sharp from United States and the closure that was colossal!!
Well, I was there as audience and could feel that positive energy, of love and above all of peace. The concert unfolded with musical results of very high level.
I think it’s very, very important what represents the festival for the musical life of this country.
I believe that we should be aware of the work of the organization so that this festival can settle as it deserves.
It is most important for promoting peace,  Promoting spirituality, humanity needs that spirituality that is being sadly lost.
I believe this is a call of attention Costa Rica and its Choral Festival for Peace is a call of attention that I recommend to all those who want to come Students who come to participate in the workshops of course of the concerts … choirs from other latitudes, Come to Costa Rica to participate and share your knowledge, your music with these choirs of the country.
I think it’s very very important to join this crusade for peace. It is surely a crusade for PEACE. I’m leaving with all possible energy. I have been filled above all with love. Because the Costa Ricans is pure love pure,
What you say “pura vida” … is really pure love. For me it is pure love. And I hope so to be invited again. We see with hope also to bring the National Choir of Cuba to participate. I believe that it is an experience that my singers have to live.

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